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Every hour of a produced video title requires around 15 hours of production work and incurs a cost of 12,500 INR besides digital platform expenses.

Since its inception on 4th February 2020, access to VYAKHYA TV, has been provided free of cost to everyone by our organization till 31st December 2020.

The average annual cost of the channel is about 21,79,992 INR.

Therefore, paid subscriptions have been introduced for the Self-Sustenance & Maintenance of the channel starting from 1st Jan 2021.

We encourage you to make the decision of becoming a subscriber & be benefitted by the pious & pragmatic teachings of our scriptures.

  • Unlimited Access to 380+ hours of teachings on Life Transforming Subjects – Anytime. Anywhere!
  • You will immediately access – 22 titles with 254 classroom discourses & 160 short talks on teachings from Veda Suktam, Upanishad, Gita, Bhagavata, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Stotrams, Insights from Vedanta, Meditation and many more… (as of 30th June 2022)
  • Fresh evolving content – every other day.
Key to Successful Living
  • It helps you resist temptations.
  • It helps you make wise decisions.
  • It strengthens you when you are under stress.
  • It comforts you when you are sad.
Bestows Spiritual Protection
  • Shastra Sravanam is the surest way to Answered Prayer.
  • Bhagawan blesses you with Security through the Power of His Word – The Vedic Teachings.
Step towards your Spiritual Development
  • Real Happiness comes from Understanding your Purpose in life.
  • You will discover ‘The Purpose for Your Life’ that God has designed for you.
  • God reveals His plan for you through His Word – The Shastra.
  • Scriptural Teachings make the whole plan possible.
Service to The Supreme
  • It is an Act of Obedience to the command of Ishwara, Shastra & Our Acharya.
  • It is an act to share the responsibility of Promotion & Propagation of Vedic Wisdom.


श्रद्धावाननसूयश्च शृणुयादपि यो नर: |
सोऽपि मुक्त: शुभाँल्लोकान्प्राप्नुयात्पुण्यकर्मणाम् ||


shraddhAvAnanasUyashcha shRRiNuyAdapi yo nara: |
so.api mukta: shubhA.NllokAnprApnuyAtpuNyakarmaNAm ||

Srimadbhagavadita – 18.71

The Blessed Lord said – The one, full of faith and free from malice, who listens to this knowledge will be liberated from sins and attains the auspicious abodes where the pious dwell.

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