Purvamimamsa Sanskhepa

(Source: Vyakhya Course – Hinduism – Discovery to Divine Part 2)

“Purvamimamsa encompasses the relevant teachings for each stage of life from birth to death & discoveries that lead us towards the divine.”
– Pujya Acharya Vachaspati Sri Prem Siddharth ji

Purvamimamsa comprises of teachings of the Veda Purva or Karma Kanda. These are discoveries that highlight the right way of living. Pujya Acharya talks of the relevance of teachings of Veda Purva and lauds the greatness of our Rishis who have presented to us how the subtlest of actions can affect the entire universe. Deepest understanding of Action, its processes, social and personal developments are all an integral part of these teachings that are presented as rules of living a Vedic Life. A knowledge of these teachings is essential to learning responsibility, contribution & living with awareness.