Completion of Work

(Source: Sri Ramacharitamanasa Mangalacharanamu)

“Finishing Work & Completing Work are highly tangential. One aims at mere Dexterity while the other claims Complete Serenity.”
– Pujya Acharya Vachaspati Sri Prem Siddharth ji

“How do you decide the completion of any work?” Pujya Acharya asks of us who are constantly engaged in doing work to achieve innumerable goals. He says that when our limited knowledge of completing work ends at deadlines and schedules, Vedic vision is entirely unconventional & highly practical.

Offering unique insights, Pujya Acharya talks of accomplishing two kinds of desires within any work which only together give us the formula for success. When work is completed this way, it becomes Karma Yoga and eligible to be offered to the Lord