(Source: Taittiriya Upanishad Lesson – 13)

“The pragmatism of the Vedic Vision is evident in the teachings of Karmayoga as the foundation for Spirituality.”
– Pujya Acharya Vachaspati Sri Prem Siddharth ji

As students of Shastra, we have come across numerous teachings on Karmayoga. However, our minds are constantly riddled with questions and rife with misconceptions about its practice. What actions are Karmayoga? When can I practice this Yoga? What do I gain by such practice?  More importantly, how is action going to help me realize my True Nature? These questions and many more have constantly been a hindrance in our path.
In this discourse, Pujya Acharya provides the much awaited answers that elaborate upon Karmayoga. He commences with the precise definition and leads us by the hand as we discover the types of Karma and their impact on our Spiritual progress. We will realize the objectives of the Spiritual Seeker in designing our lives to effortlessly practice Karmayoga.